Using Harvest, but estimating and tracking projects in Excel?


Price&Cost integrates with Harvest to help you with project estimation and tracking of project financial performance

Accurately estimate projects' financials

Track Budgets, Cost and Profitability

Test "what-if" scenarios for projects

Produce granular financial reports

Get started in seconds with our one-click Harvest integration

Track financials using Harvest timesheets

Plan and experiment using Harvest data

Analyse and adjust, get back on track

Connect your Harvest account

Don't just sit watching timesheets come in - plan, monitor and adjust

Estimate with precision using all your resources and their settings from Harvest. Know the exact Costs. Plan your Budget and forecast Profitability.

Create multiple alternative plans. Compare Budget, Costs, and Profitability for each and choose the best one.

Monitor how you are tracking against the planned financials with automatic timesheet sync. Know your project spend to date. Forecast Budget, Costs and Profitability at completion

Update resource plans from Forecast If you are using Forecast to plan your resourcing on project, you can easily update data in Price&Cost with streamlined CSV import.

Run insightful, actionable reports

on  account, project and team performance at any granularity. Export as PDF or CSV for further analysis.

Simulate "what-if" scenarios and adjust. React to changing requirements. Process change requests. Make necessary adjustments to get your project Budget, Costs, and Profitability back on track.

Connect your Harvest account in one-click to import all projects, resources and their settings to Price&Cost. We'll start syncing timesheets daily for existing projects.

Send projects to Harvest from Price&Cost. Forecast in Price&Cost and we'll create the projects for you in Harvest. We'll then sync timesheets back to Price&Cost every night.

Price&Cost is already trusted by top agencies and consultancies

Give your Harvest super-powers and never use spreadsheets again

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