Grow tomorrow’s profits with today’s timesheets

Add Price&Cost to your Harvest process to compare planned resources versus actuals. Create accurate estimates and forecast projects with a profit-first mindset.

See which projects make or lose money

Test “what-if” scenarios vs profit goals

Understand profitability at a client level

Accurately report on your financials


Sync and turn hindsight into insight

Import all projects, resources, and settings from Harvest. Add your rates and build your estimates with Price&Cost to see your financial breakdown.

  • 1. Connect your Harvest account
  • 2. Estimate projects using Harvest data
  • 3. Track financials with auto-synced timesheets
  • 4. See what needs to happen to increase your profits

Hundreds of Harvest customers use Price&Cost

"The integration with Harvest gives us the ability to see real-time profitability for projects and clients."

Evan Downey | Senior Director of Finance

Propeller Consulting

Everything you love about Harvest + everything you wished Harvest had

Benchmark against — and beat — your past projects

See your historical data in Harvest. Learn from your past performances to make new estimates even more profitable.

Zero-spreadsheet, zero-guessing estimates

All your resources and rates live in Price&Cost. Create accurate estimates in minutes and sync them back to Harvest for time tracking.

Track all expenses, including contractors and vendors

Adding extra costs to projects once they’re done? With Price&Cost you can estimate and track materials, contractors, expenses, and any costs from the get-go.

Ready-to-track projects in Harvest

No more timesheet exports

Test and optimize how you want to use your resources in Price&Cost. Push the project and all the settings to Harvest in one click.

Track time and expenses using Harvest and see your actuals automatically updated in Price&Cost. No CSVs, no asking people to manually re-enter timesheets.

Complete your Harvest projects with maximum profitability

Monitor and grow profitability at all levels

Project profitability

Task profitability

Resource profitability

See profits and costs against your budget.

Understand how each activity impacts your margins.

See teammates and expenses that are under/over budget.

A bit of input, a whole lot of profitable output

“Is this plug-and-play reporting for Harvest?”

“What if my team uses something else for estimates?”

Unfortunately, no. Price&Cost syncs all your projects, resources, and settings from Harvest. But to see your financial breakdown, your teams need to:

  1. Add rates and costs to Price&Cost
  2. Estimate new projects in Price&Cost

Chances are “something else” is a collection of spreadsheets where they guesstimate everything and then re-enter data into Harvest.

Yes, your team will have to slightly update their process to create estimates in Price&Cost (boo!) but once they do, they’ll never use spreadsheets again (yay!)

Create high-margin estimates — faster

Simulate multiple “what if” scenarios and compare

Project Managers can test different solutions in minutes. Understand the impact of each estimate before updating your resources.

Add financials to Forecast

Import data from your Forecast account. See your projected financials, make adjustments to your estimates and import them back to your planning tool.

Avoid profit-killing change requests

Harvest tracks your actuals. Price&Cost shows you how to navigate projects with unexpected changes and costs, with a focus on profits.

See what your winning projects look like

Go beyond project-level metrics

Pull client-based reports

Identify top-performing resources

Break down your performance by project, client, team and even your entire portfolio.

See which clients have a real impact on your finances with historical revenue, cost and profit data.

Know who's time you’re constantly underestimating and who's time is most profitable.

Price&Cost is trusted by top agencies and consultancies

Amanda Follit | Managing Director at TH_NK Live

"Just set up Price&Cost for Harvest & the support has been amazing! Top service! Making business setup hell a pleasure!"

John Lawler | Director of Professional Services at Onix

"Price&Cost provides insight and metrics that can drive some very important business decisions. If you use Harvest, you will want to trial this app."

Sean Smith | Director, Client Success at Blast Analytics and Marketing

"The leadership only had a "gut feel" on how profitable each project was! With Price&Cost we are now able to determine which projects would be successful or not"

Upgrade from time-tracking to profit-tracking

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